NXP Brings NFC-enabled ‘Tap to Interact’ Badges to 2014 International CES 8. January 2014

NXP powers the technology behind the first-ever NFC-enabled show badges at the

International CES

®. The 2014 CES badges use MIFARE based technology, which when used at recent events like IBC 2013, MobileCON 2013, GSMA’s NFC & Mobile Money Summit and CARTES 2013, has enabled event attendees to interact and customize their show experience like never before. By simply tapping their MIFARE-based show badges to NFC-enabled smartphones, attendees can quickly exchange business credentials and retrieve specific product information from NFC-enabled devices or posters displayed by various exhibitors.



DESFire EV1 serves as the official solution behind the badges. Based on open global interface standards, MIFARE DESFire EV1 is able to seamlessly communicate with NFC tags incorporated in various interactive media at the show or with NFC-enabled mobile devices. Partnering with

ITN International

, CES’s official registration and lead retrieval provider, and SMARTRAC, the leading developer of RFID and NFC inlays, NXP has provided the MIFARE DESFire chips for deployment at the event, embedded directly into attendee badges. NFC badges have proven to be very successful for exhibitors in tracking leads or visitors to their booth, thus enabling an entirely new experience from badge pick-up through visiting exhibits.

“As our world’s devices continue to connect to the internet and each other, we are thrilled to bring NXP’s MIFARE application technology to the International CES, providing attendees with a reliable and secure platform to experience the very best in consumer electronics,” said Steve Owen, senior vice president, sales and marketing, identification business, NXP Semiconductors.

“We’re delighted that NXP agreed to provide its  technology to ITN for use at the 2014 International CES,” said Ivan Lazarev, president and CEO, ITN International. “It’s proven itself to be a dependable interface on the market today.”

“Year after year, CES sees the introduction of the latest consumer technologies. We are excited to use one of our exhibitors’ products for our registration system, and bring a more personalized experience to every attendee,” said, Karen Chupka, senior vice president, International CES and corporate business strategy, Consumer Electronics Association (CEA®). CEA is the owner and producer of the annual International CES.