NFC Solutions and Services 26. August 2011

LogicNEXT NFC ( Near Field Communication)  Solutions/Services

LogicNEXT consulting and research teams have created NFC based solutions for customers. LogicNEXT provides end to end NFC implementation as a complete solution.

We offer full set of NFC based consulting and development services to support the deployment of mobile NFC.

Trusted Service Manager Services

  • Securely provide NFC supporting applications to end users
  • NFC enabled phones
  • Managing end to end life cycle of applications
  • Deployment of value added services like loyalty programs, promotional offers and deals etc.


Services for Retailers

LogicNEXT provides NFC applications for retailers having online presence and NFC hardware as well through our channel partners.

Loyalty programs

– Customer profile based services and offers for customer retention and engagement

NFC based POS System

– Integrate the contactless application with existing POS system

Store Promotions

– Helping the customer in creation of some exciting campaigns like, Search and Win!, Find a clue (tags needed to be found in various posters, Wall hangings, POPS etc.)  


  • Design and development of NFC based mobile applications and enterprise software solutions
  • Development of marketing ideas revolving around NFC being the point of consumer interaction
  • Creation of payment and other eco-systems based on NFC tags and readers
  • Software development for various NFC based platforms (phones and cards)
  • Near Field Communication Software Consulting


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