New category in NXP MIFARE Partner Program highlights System Integrators 7. November 2016

In a move that increases visibility for system-level solutions based on MIFARE® products, NXP has expanded its MIFARE Partnership Program to include a special designation for system integrators. The new partner category makes it easier for operators and end users to find system-level solutions, based on the MIFARE product innovations that deliver good performance and convenience.

The new MIFARE System Integrator Partner level meets the needs of regional and global companies that specialize in system design. Members of the MIFARE System Integrator Partner level work closely with NXP, helping to define new MIFARE and CPU based products, and enjoy exclusive benefits, including joint marketing initiatives.

“By extending the MIFARE Partner Program to include a new category, just for system integrators, we’re broadening our focus to include purpose-built solutions that meet specific end-user needs, and making those solutions easier to access,” says Christoph Zwahlen, Global Marketing Manager for Access Management from NXP. “Also, because the program increases collaboration between leading system integrators and NXP, it will help drive the development of new use cases that take advantage of MIFARE’s features for flexible, convenient, secure contactless operation.”

The first System Integrator Partner: Shenzhen DAS Information Technology Co., Ltd.
As the program begins to ramp up, the initial emphasis will be on industry-leading system integrators in the areas of access management, micropayment and loyalty. The first partner to join the program is Shenzhen DAS Information Technology, a leading system integrator from China specializing in solutions for smart buildings.

“We welcome DAS as the first System Integrator Partner of NXP and appreciate this new collaboration on both the technology and the marketing side – resulting ultimately in better solutions for end customers.“ says Christoph Zwahlen from NXP. “DAS’ solutions for smart buildings are an outstanding example how secure connectivity can improve our daily life. We are delighted to have our technology embedded in these systems and are eager to jointly work on future innovations.”

“With the support of the powerful security and connectivity solutions from NXP, our systems have better compatibility and performance regarding the higher security credentials and terminals. Hence we are more than happy to be the first system integrator partner of NXP globally, which will definitely benefit our technologies and applications. Evidently, adopting the most proper cutting-edge solutions is the essential for a smarter world.” Says Zhang Shaohua, General Manager, DAS.

DAS-NXP-System Integrator Partner

Shenzhen DAS Information Technology Co. LTD., as the wholly owned subsidiary of Shenzhen DAS Intellitech Co., LTD. (Stock Code: 002421SZ), was built in 1995 and has been focusing on providing contactless smart card based total solutions, especially access control solutions for buildings, offices, factories, hospitals, metros, hotels and universities. The products include the card readers, access controllers, electric lockers, pedestrian gates, car parking systems, punch time systems, point of sales systems and the customized management software. Since 2009, the solutions have been were awarded as Top 10 of Access Control System of China by the independent media incl. Intelligent Building Magazine, Automation & Security, Qianjia.com.

Partner Benefits
MIFARE System Integrator Partners become part of a network of leading providers offering best-in-class solutions for contactless transactions, and gain direct access to industry-leading technologies for security and connectivity. System Integrator Partners also have a greater ability to leverage the consumer trends, including mobile devices and wearables, and are able to promote their activities through industry-leading communication channels.

  • Joint initiatives that drive smart and secure applications
    System Integrator Partners participate in NXP’s broad-reaching initiatives that connect contactless smartcard applications in the urban environment, creating smart cities that increase productivity and convenience while fostering sustainability.
  • Close collaboration in the definition of new, system-level MIFARE and CPU based products
    Working closely with NXP during the initial phases of development, System Integrator Partners have an inside advantage when it comes to creating new MIFARE and CPU based products that leverage the capabilities of the product technology.
  • Added support for the launch of new, system-level MIFARE and CPU based products
    Boosted by NXP’s partner-focused marketing efforts, System Integrator Partners introduce their innovations faster, and leverage partner channels to offer broader availability to operators and end users.
  • Joint market communication
    System Integrator Partners gain access to dedicated communication channels that increase the understanding of MIFARE and CPU based solutions and simplify access to state-of-the-art contactless smartcard applications.

What System Integrators mean to MIFARE
Today’s users of contactless solutions demand increasing levels of convenience and value, with a particular emphasis on multi-application functionality, application convergence, and data security. On its own, MIFARE products meet many of these needs, but ultimately it is system-level solutions, consisting of components beyond the contactless smartcard and reader, that meet the real-world demands for convenience and value.

This is where system integrators come in. As experts in the creation of full-fledged applications that meet a specific market need, system integrators bring together all the technologies needed to develop compelling, easy-to-use solutions. System integrators enhance the end-user experience by delivering security and convenience to everyday life, and, as a result, play a vital role in the broader MIFARE product ecosystem.

About the MIFARE Partner Program
The NXP MIFARE Partner Program is a network of companies enabling secure, desirable, multi-application solutions based on market-leading contactless technology. Together, these companies form a community of component and solution providers working together to enable flexible, interoperable end-customer solutions that meet the needs of today and tomorrow.

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