Multi-application and mobile ticketing based on MIFARE DESFire™ EV1 4. July 2012

Realising RTA Dubai´s vision of the world´s most advanced transport ticketing system

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) of Dubai has one of the world´s most advanced transport ticketing systems based on MIFARE technology. The smartcard in Dubai, NOL Card, is used for different services like metro, taxi, parking and shops. The recent cooperation with Emirates NBD on a co-branded multi-application credit card that includes NOL functionality, offers more services for passengers. In the future, retailers will accept NOL Cards for purchases and customers will enjoy the convenience of multi-applications on a single card.

Smartphones are changing the way we live. RTA is working closely with technology providers to ensure that the NOL Card is a core part of this new mobile lifestyle. As such, Dubai´s mobile network operators plan to integrate into their smartphone SIM cards with the same MIFARE functionality that enables NOL Cards. This follows the recent success of the world´s first MIFARE DESFire mobile ticketing trial in Dubai, with general deployment expected in the coming quarters. With mobile ticketing, RTA aims to deliver a popular service which appeals to the generation of technology lovers and digital natives growing up in Dubai.

The flexible MIFARE platform enables RTA increasing the use of public transportation because of a convenient way of moving around the city. This encourages people to get out of their cars, and with seamless integration across virtually all modes of transportation, it enables a rich and sustainable urban lifestyle.

About Roads and Transport Authority (RTA)

Since Dubai is one of the fastest growing cities in today’s world and providing an advanced transport network for the people of Dubai it is important to enhance the public transport facilities and improve roads across the emirate to make travel safer and smoother. RTA, formed in 2005, is responsible for planning and providing the requirements of transport, roads & traffic in the Emirate of Dubai, and between Dubai and other Emirates of the UAE, neighboring countries in order to provide an effective & an integrated transport system capable of achieving Dubai’s vision & serving the vital interests of the Emirate.


MIFARE is a proven, reliable and robust technology for contactless smart cards. High volume IC manufacturing with leading process technologies and assembly experience has led to the issuance of over 5 billion cards and the installation of 50 million readers and terminals in applications around the world. With a complete product portfolio (including ICs for limited-use paper tickets as well as microcontrollers for dual interface smart cards with PKI crypto engines capable of hosting multiple applications), MIFARE offers the right product for every application. And as an open architecture platform, it guarantees compatibility with all current and future products.