MOA8 module available for all MIFARE products 1. July 2013

NXP’s contactless modules cover the whole range from low- to high-end applications including contactless transport and banking cards, eID and passport applications, access management and loyalty cards. NXP has a complete package portfolio to best support all those applications.

The MOA8 contactless module has been introduced for small size ICs with a maximum die size of 1.5×1.5mm and features small footprint of 3.5×6.25mm and a thickness of only 250µm. The antenna pads still have a size of 3×1.38mm enabling efficient antenna connection technologies.

Beside those impressive outline figures, there are several motivation factors for customers moving to the MOA8 module:

  • The reduced thickness enables enhancements in card surface quality by having additional or thicker layers on top of the module.
  • The antenna pad depth is maintained and even slightly longer compared to the MOA4 module, thus allowing reliable antenna interconnects.
  • With the reduction in outline (-48%) and encapsulation size (-60%) an easier module cavity design and card construction is possible and it also can be seen that the robustness of the final card with respect to bending / wrapping / 3-wheel stress is improved.
  • The very high density of modules per reel (+80%) resulting in 30kpcs vs. 17kpcs for a reel with MOA4 modules (at the same weight) optimizes machine throughput and storage space.

The MOA8 module is more and more used by card manufacturers all over the world to provide high quality cards to their customers and will continue to be a valuable asset in NXP’s contactless module portfolio.