SUMIT AntennaMatch – Testing your MIFARE products made easy 5. July 2018
By arsenaltesthouse

If you’ve visited one of Arsenal Testhouse’s booths at different shows worldwide in the last 2 years, it would be hard to miss the announcements of our CEO Thomas Sumberger about launching pioneering test tools.

As you might have gathered from these information, this is not just another test tool introduction. We performed a deep analysis with many design engineers working for chip, card and reader manufacturers worldwide and concluded that meeting those needs would require a completely new approach.

That analysis led to a large and extensive development effort. And here we are with a complete new Test tool and service provider: SUMIT Technologies Ltd. with their Headquarter in Hong Kong.

Starting its broad product range with the launch of the SUMIT AntennaMatch, a innovative portable one port network analyzer with integrated NXP RC663 contactless reader and a built-in antenna for fast characterisation of MIFARE Classic, MIFARE DESFire, MIFARE Plus product-based cards, inlays, tags und MIFARE Ultralight product-based tickets. It is the first of four products which will be released in 2018.

Having a frequency range of 10 kHz to 35 MHz and a output power of -20dBm to +10dBm makes this tool a powerful and reliable companion. An additional SMB connector makes it possible to connect and characterise reader antennas as well.

The goal (and we think we achieved it) was to give our customers unprecedented flexibility and adaptability to the quality check at hand. Many common applications require only a simple and easy solution, which can be used by production engineers without having the knowledge of testing. The integrated Bluetooth function gives you the option to set all requirements via the mobile app and capture and save the measurement directly on your device.

SUMIT AntennaMatch at glance

  • Frequency range: 10Khz– 35 MHz
  • Minimum Frequency step size: 1Hz
  • Measurement time @ 10 KHz resolution: max. 50us
  • Marker & Marker Seach: Min/Max/specific Value Search, Statistics view
  • Output Power: -20dbm (unloaded) until +10dBm (loaded)
  • Interface: Bluetooth / USB /Ethernet (with USB adapter) for selecting and save limits
  • Measurement data output: option available in XLS, CSV
  • Power: USB / Battery up to 10 hours

The future of quality testing is here

We hope you are excited about the AntennaMatch as we are. It the first quality tool capable of meeting today’s quality assurance challanges in the card and reader industry and with the performance and versatility to meet the challenges of the future as well. For more information about contactless conformance and quality testing visit www.arsenal-testhouse.com, for test tools we keep you updated at www.thesum.it.