Successful collaboration between two MIFARE partners: FAMOCO and PaynoPain Solutions 13. December 2016

FAMOCO, MIFARE Advanced Partner and PaynoPain Solutions S.L., Registered MIFARE Partner, are successfully collaborating in the delivery of cashless services during social events and music festivals. Visitors are given a NFC bracelet which they use for the duration of the event. Bracelets are read with a FAMOCO device to grant access and process food and beverage payments.

In 2016, over 200,000 people used the solution which integrates NXP’s MIFARE Ultralight IC.

There are several advantages for both event organizers and visitors that include:

  • Increased security due to the tracking of users’ movements within the facilities
  • Reduced theft and loss of cash
  • Less queuing at access points
  • Quick, secure payments
  • Fast to top-up; online, on site or automatically
  • Access to information on purchases made
  • Ability to prevent excessive spending
  • Ability to interact with social networks

Currently available throughout Europe, PaynoPain will be expanding the offering with FAMOCO to Latin America in 2017.