Smart NFC dice called Cubidooo supported by AdvanIDe 28. June 2016
By AdvanIDe GmbH

The Designer Mario Kozuh-Schneeberger, who lives in Linz (Austria), has developed a smart NFC dice called Cubidooo. It is a cube, made from regional oak wood, which is equipped with NXP’s NTAG 213 on 5 or 6 sides. It comes in a high-quality packaging and the wood is massive but feels very natural.

It connects smartphones, tablets, and laptops with online shopping sites only by tapping. The pre-programmed link at delivery leads to a video that explains to the user how easy the Cubidooo can be programmed. Within minutes, Cubidooo becomes a personal link-device.

Companies can use it also for promotion activities. They can program information of their products and company details. In addition, customers can access specific catalogs, PDF files and contact details to order or re-order products with the support of Cubidooo. For example Microsoft uses this to promote their Surface products. You can also use the MIFARE SDK which supports NTAG to create solutions around the Cubidooo. The MIFARE SDK is designed to provide access to all hardware features on Java level and enables the creation of Android apps for MIFARE, ICODE and NTAG products more easily than ever before.

AdvanIDe has a broad international ecosystem of partners for NFC software, tags & hardware in place. If you have interest in this cube or if you want to extend the features with applications, you are welcome to contact us.

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