MobileKnowledge offers updated MIFARE® System Training sessions 24. March 2017
By Angela Gemio

MobileKnowledge, a MIFARE Accredited Training Partner, is offering you onsite technical training sessions in Sweden, Poland and Spain. This year the training material has been updated, and is focusing on new and innovative products such as MIFARE Plus EV1, MIFARE DESFire EV2 and a new session about MIFARE implementation in wearables and portable devices – helping you to bring the Internet of Things to life. If you would like to register for some or all of these modules, please complete the registration process.

Register here or contact Ángela Gemio, you can also give us a call: +34 646 136 910.

MobileKnowledge is a team of HW & SW system engineers experts in smart, connected and secure technologies and their related applications: NFC, secure micro-controllers, smart cards, mobile applications, reader ICs, smart tags and labels, RFID, MIFARE products, authentication devices, sensors, and connectivity technologies. Our services include Application and system Design Engineering support, Project Management, Pre-certification tests (EMVco, ISO), antenna design, Advanced Technical Training services and Technological Consulting.