MobileKnowledge offers MIFARE® System technical training in Colombia 27. June 2017
By Angela Gemio

MobileKnowledge, as a MIFARE Accredited Training Partner, organizes a new MIFARE® System technical training in Colombia on 18 – 22 September 2017

The training material is updated with specific modules for the new MIFARE Plus EV1 and MIFARE DESFire EV2 products. Beside that, the training is completed with a new module about how to implement MIFARE services in wearables and portable devices, helping you to leverage your services in the era of the Internet of Things.

The MIFARE Training Courses are a set of 5 independent training days that address an in-depth, technical knowledge of the complete MIFARE family. The different products of the MIFARE families are covered in detail, including key features, architectures, and security related scenarios, as well as application designs and development-related strategies and recommendations. In addition, each training day includes a practical workshop session where participants get trained on application design topics and they can also engage in technical discussions with our expert trainers.

If you are interested in any of these modules you can register here to our upcoming sessions:

  • Colombia (Spanish) 18-22 September 2017
  • Sweden (English) 18-22 September 2017
  • Poland (English) 2-6 October 2017

Or contact Ángela Gemio, you can also give us a call: +34 646 136 910.