MIFARE DESFire based paper visitor badges completing a comprehensive access management system 24. November 2014
By Print & Medien Solution Fröhlich GmbH

Print & Medien Solution Fröhlich GmbH announced that the MIFARE DESFire contactless microcontroller IC has been chosen to provide the same level of security for visitor badges. The badges are a printable ID sheet from Print & Medien Solution Fröhlich GmbH and offers multi-application usage.

The ID paper sheet gets printed and is programmed in one go. The sheet provides all relevant safety instructions, providing crucial information on risks and required precautions. The visitor peels off a credit card-sized section of the sheet, which serves as a visual ID, which includes an embedded MIFARE DESFire based contactless inlay for the specific electronic access management rights.

“The main advantage of the MIFARE DESFire EV1 DIN-A4-ID paper sheet is the printability which can be done by any laser printer.” said Steffen Fröhlich, CEO Print & Medien Solution Fröhlich GmbH. “In one step printing and encoding with security features of a MIFARE DESFire EV1 chip is done. This results in competitively priced and individually printed and customized badges.”

“A security system is only as strong as it weakest element” said Rainer Lutz, Segment Manager, Access Management, NXP. “The innovative solution includes secure NXP products in both the credentials and the reader infrastructure which provides a seamless concept. The badges enable multi-application solutions for access, time & attendance management, micro payments or even bike rentals. We actively promote this innovative and secure solution to companies with similar needs worldwide.”

MIFARE DESFire has been designed with security features combining multiple applications in one contactless credential. The product is based on open global standards for both air interfaces and cryptographic methods. In addition to offering data transfer rates of up to 848 kbit/s, MIFARE DESFire utilizes a Triple DES, 3K DES and AES hardware cryptographic engine for securing data on the smartcard and data during transmission.