LUX-IDent keeps expanding 15. March 2016
By LUX-IDent s.r.o.

No newbie to the RFID market, LUX-IDent has been a NXP customer for a long time, sharing the same values and a firm belief that an uncompromising approach to component quality is the only possible way. LUX-IDent became the first member of the extended MIFARE Partner Program and is a valued MIFARE Advanced Partner since 2015.

MIFARE family products offer a perfect match for the company which has always specialized in highly sophisticated RFID solutions for a number of specific applications. The recent extension of the MIFARE DESFire family with the 256 Byte version and the introduction of the MIFARE DESFire EV2 product range are a welcome addition to the product range. The customers of LUX-IDent can rest assured as they will receive full assistance and support for the transition to the latest chips.

Inlays on etched antennas available
LUX-IDent does not cease to expand its activities in 2016. On top of the standard offer, including products with wire embedded and coil wound antennas connected to the chip module by thermo-compression, LUX-IDent has recently updated its product portfolio by including inlays with etched antennas and bare die flip-chip attachment. The company has also adopted this inlay production technique as a logical addition to the current copper wire antenna technology. By meeting the increasing market demand for this group of products, required particularly for NFC applications and labels, LUX-IDent is taking another step to become a partner providing complex RFID solutions which are unlimited by technology.

Closer to the DACH region
The convenient location with in-house production in the Czech Republic, located in the heart of Europe, has always been a major competitive advantage of LUX-IDent, resulting in easy logistics and short delivery time. To get even closer to customers in Western Europe, the company has recently opened a branch office in Sauerlach, Germany, specialized in HF/UHF labels and inlays and managed by long-time industry experts. Furthermore, a new sales manager covering all standard products will be available for DACH region clients from May 2016 onwards.

Introducing new technologies and moving closer to clients in the DACH area is in line with LUX-IDent’s policy of a continuous effort to perfect their truly personal approach with its customer’s best interests in mind.

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