LECIP ARCONTIA launches the all new T2 e-Ticket Smart Card Reader – a high performance and fully integratable compact ISO/IEC 14443 A/B reader 3. October 2014
By cecilie

Gothenburg, Sweden, October 2, 2014 – LECIP ARCONTIA AB, a Swedish producer of contactless smart card products and solutions for Automatic Fare Collection (AFC), today announces the launch of its brand new ARC2310 T2 e-Ticket Smart Card Reader. The T2 is a high performance ISO/IEC 14443 A/B contactless smart card reader that combines a small form factor with a rugged design for integration in a variety of payment and ticketing applications.


The T2 is housed in a metal case for maximum protection, meeting the demands of any unattended environment. With its rugged construction and compact size, the T2 is designed to be integrated into almost any sales device, such as vending machines, access control gates, fareboxes, kiosks, parking systems, loyalty schemes and gaming applications.


Thanks to the ferrite-shielded antenna, the T2 can be mounted on all types of material without compromising the reading range or the need to be re-certified or re-tuned. When integrated, the reader measures only 8mm from the terminal’s surface, offering a fully customizable solution. Moreover, it does not compromise the integrity of the IP rating of the host unit.


“We are very excited about the new ARC2310 T2 e-Ticket Smart Card Reader. The launch signifies yet another successful corporation between LECIP ARCONTIA and our Japanese parent company LECIP Holdings Corporation,” says Olaf Henrixon, Vice President, LECIP ARCONTIA AB. “The T2 is a global product that creates synergies between the transit and retail payment markets, offering increased convenience, flexibility and faster transactions. Small and compact, yet rugged and packed with advanced features, the T2 is in a class of its own.”


The T2 supports a wide range of contactless standards within ticketing and payment, including the entire MIFARE family, Smart MX, FeliCa and Calypso, as well as having support for future EMV contactless. For added flexibility and seamless integration, the T2 comes with an extensive software support package and multiple interfaces, including Ethernet, USB and RS232. Moreover, it comes with an audio buzzer, 4 LED lights and a clearly marked landing zone.


With its robust form factor, contactless capabilities and high speed communication options, the ARC2310 T2 e-Ticket Smart Card Reader is the ideal reader for upgrading new and existing payment and ticketing solutions with contactless technology.


The ARC2310 T2 e-Ticket Smart Card Reader will be shown at APTA’s Expo 2014 in Houston, Texas and at the X International Conference for Sustainable Transport in Mexico City.