ISBC Group developed an innovative RFID-paper on NXP chips 1. July 2019
By Dmitriy Kornienko

ISBC® RFID Paper is a smart paper with NXP chips, currently certified to use on digital HP Indigo press. It allows for producing a wide range of contactless paper cards and RFID tags. Printable RFID paper creates a game-changing shift in a market. We aim at making NXP technologies as available and affordable as a usual sheet to sheet printing that would increase customer satisfaction and quality of service in all areas of business.

ISBC RFID PAPERSRA3 + (325 x 480 x 0.38 mm) allows to produce a wide range of contactless paper RFID cards and NFC tags on HP Indigo 7xxx machines:

  • Transport tickets,
  • Access control cards,
  • Parking tickets,
  • Ski passes,
  • Hotel cards,
  • Hang tags,
  • Amusement park tickets,
  • Event tickets,
  • Corporate NFC business cards.

Main ISBC RFID Paper advantages:


  • On-demand printing
  • Digital ready (no need pre-coating)
  • Same finishing operations as normal paper


  • Flat surface (no visual bumps after prints)
  • 0.1 mm antennas positioning accuracy
  • SRA3++ paper size 325*480mm


  • 100% good units
  • 100% In-out quality control
  • ISO compliance antenna design


  • RoHS certified materials
  • Green mark certified materials

ISBC RFID PAPER is a material integrated with RFID chips and antennas. The product line consists of three product groups with different NXP chips including MIFARE Ultralight®, NTAG®, ICODE®.

ISBC RFID PAPER with MIFARE Ultralight used for tickets with 13.56 MHz operating frequency is ideal for low-cost, high-volume applications such as public transport, loyalty cards, event ticketing. Supports ISO/IEC 14443 A 1-3 and NFC forum tag type 2 compliant.

ISBC RFID PAPER with NTAG is designed for NFC business cards, hang tags. This product ensures universal interoperability with NFC devices (e.g., mobile phones, tablet PCs, and fixed readers) and provides brand protection, advanced interaction pre-/post-sale in Smart Retail. ISBC RFID PAPER with ICODE is used for ski passes and smart label solutions operating on 13,56Mhz supporting ISO 15693/ISO 18000-3.

ISBC RFID PAPER solves the key tasks of printing production for the rapid entry to the Internet of Things market. Provides high performance because you don’t need to use hot lamination. For an easy start, you have to put RFID paper in HP Indigo Substrate tray and send artwork to print. Then laminate, punch, and your RFID product is ready.

Ordering ISBC RFID Paper customer gets access to the ePerso® cloud platform, the platform will help to form a printable file in accordance with the location of the UID numbers on sheets. Using a simple interface the print house will be able to create easily a smart redirection algorithm, for example, to encode a bunch of 10,000 tags made to the manufacturer’s web site in just a couple of clicks.

For more information about ISBC RFID Paper, please contact ISBC Group:
E-mail: sales@isbc.com
Phone: +7 (495) 133 00 00