ISBC Group developed AIRTAG® HF+LF, the universal RFID identifier for Smart City services 9. October 2018
By Dmitriy Kornienko

The MIFARE Advanced Partner ISBC Group has launched a new RFID key fob AIRTAG® HF+LF based on NXP® technologies. The 1/3 smart card sized compact RFID-ID combines chips for all smart city services, intercoms and access control systems (ACS). The product is designed for business centers, hotels, resorts, housing complexes and large objects, where identification systems of standards HF (13.56 MHz) and LF (125 kHz) are operated.

Radio frequency identification (RFID) is the most common Internet of Things technology today, as it’s cost-effective and efficient. Inhabitants can interact with almost all services of the smart city usingcontactless identification. RFID key fobs and smart cards are used in transport projects, for contactless payments, as ID badges, ski passes, as well as in modern intercoms and in retail loyalty systems.

Some facilities are partially equipped with LF frequency systems. For access integration, ISBC Group has developed the combined AIRTAG® HF+LF. The universal RFID identifier is manufactured at ISBC’s factory in Russia.

The new AIRTAG® HF+LF, equipped with NXP® chips for LF (HITAG® S) and HF (MIFARE®, ICODE®, NTAG®; 1 of each HF chips), combines the most common identification standards. RFID key fobs from ISBC are used in 300 cities throughout Russia and 22 countries worldwide. Now a guest of the hotel or resort does not need a pack of smart cards, AIRTAG® HF+LF, durable and waterproof, can become the key to all services.

For more information about the new AIRTAG® HF+LF please contact: sales@isbc.com