Identiv’s uTrust TS Cards: Secure Credentials for Physical Access Control 20. March 2017
By sardiley@identiv.com

Identiv has introduced the next generation of credentials for the physical access control system (PACS) market — high-frequency (HF) 13.56 MHz uTrust TS Cards. The new smart cards are the result of the long-term partnership between Identiv and NXP®.

The new, contactless uTrust TS Card addresses the common issues with regular 125 KHz proximity badges. uTrust TS Cards utilize state of-the-art cryptography, preventing common cloning and counterfeiting of all types of access control badges (including those for employees or students). These secure credentials deliver increased security at a much lower cost while maintaining the excellent compatibility, service, and quality standards that have consistently made Identiv’s card offerings so popular. uTrust TS Cards complement Identiv’s existing proximity credentials by adding the support of an open smart card platform.

Identiv’s uTrust TS Cards come in just two, simple types: uTrust TS Standard Cards (for new installations) and uTrust TS Migration Cards (which include 125 kHz proximity technology that interoperates seamlessly with existing 125 kHz proximity readers). uTrust TS Cards further simplify the migration process by supporting the commonly used Wiegand card data formats used on proximity cards today. The smart cards are ideal for corporations looking to rebadge just one time and reduce PACS investments moving forward. Additionally, the cards are compatible with Identiv’s entire uTrust product ecosystem — including the uTrust TS Reader Family, uTrust TS Universal Enrollment Station, and Hirsch Velocity Software for security management — making system design and ordering simple, and system deployment fast and easy.

uTrust TS Cards are priced to be significantly less expensive than both 125 KHz proximity and smart card solutions from other vendors. Identiv is able to provide these substantial cost savings to customers by being the first to utilize NXP MIFARE DESFire EV1 256B product technology, specifically developed for physical access cards. Identiv’s new credentials are also compatible with the NXP MIFARE DESFire EV2, providing streamlined support for multi-applications, increased security, and usability (including a longer read range than the previous DESFire version).

Additionally, uTrust TS Cards are based on an open architecture and data model, making it simple for third parties to develop card and/or reader solutions compatible with the uTrust TS framework. These credentials utilize a robust and secure data model that is publicly available through an open source initiative. Identiv will soon be releasing documentation, APIs, source code, and additional documentation to facilitate the adoption of uTrust TS Cards in the market.

“In the majority of PACS deployments, we continue to see a solid demand for inexpensive basic proximity 125 KHz credentials. With cost-effective uTrust TS Cards, Identiv has introduced an innovative smart solution that addresses existing security challenges affordably, ” said Stephane Ardiley, Identiv Director of Product Management. “Identiv is pleased to collaborate with the NXP team on the proven MIFARE DESFire EV1/EV2 chip in order to extend the value proposition of this technology in the market.”

Identiv is a leading supplier and designer of high-frequency and ultra high-frequency cards and inlays. Annually, the company provides over 200M units of near field communication (NFC), radio frequency identification (RFID), and sensor-enabled inlays for embedded use in the Internet of Things (IoT) market, including medical devices, books, toys, and athletic apparel. Blending performance, security, and aesthetics, Identiv’s physical access solutions offer the most innovative selection of readers, controllers, and credentials, and have been regarded as a global standard for over three decades. Identiv’s physical access products are completely scalable from federal government to enterprise to small-to-medium businesses, enabling seamless migration from legacy technologies through certificate-based (CAK/PKI) employee validation platforms.

Identiv’s uTrust TS Cards, and linked uTrust TS Reader Family and uTrust TS Universal Enrollment Station, are available to order or evaluate today. Data sheets, ordering guides, and support information is available at identiv.com/ts-cards.