How to Better Manage distribute office consumables by using RFID 30. November 2010

Key Features:

RFID solution functions:
Embedding with RFID reader and tags
Anti-theft alarming
Smartly managing of authenticated products and authorized retailer/distributors
Avoid transshipments among retailers of the same brand in different areas
Trackable and validate the products from official manufacturer
Helpful on protecting brand integrity, improving safety and quality
Easy and efficient to get after-sale service


System integration:

RFID Writer—to initalize the rfid label, and to write information into the label, such as the details about the
retailers/distributors, which all of them have their own unique ID without repeat
RFID Label/card— with unique UID, and store the information of the authorized retailers/Distributors, etc
RFID Manager module—embedded and connected to the control circuit of the printer, smartly control and
manage the working way of the printer or other equipments