FAMOCO and Ingenico Group pool their expertise to develop a new business offering 22. March 2017

2017 is definitely off to a great start for FAMOCO. After raising €11m of funding in February to boost its international growth, the leader of professional Android devices unveiled its brand new partnership with Ingenico Group during the Mobile World Congress 2017.
This collaboration brings together the best of their know-how to achieve greater integration of payment acceptance solutions and business services.

Providing a business-tailored offering
With their range of secure and remotely managed devices, FAMOCO has developed the first Android business-ready solution – the perfect fit for Ingenico. The global leader in seamless payment has chosen to partner with FAMOCO to broaden its range of payment solutions and therefore meet all merchants needs. The companies’ respective markets are complementary, and so are their sizes.

Combining Ingenico and FAMOCO technologies
This all-in-one mPOS easily and safely merges the Ingenico portfolio of highly secure payment applications with FAMOCO’s secure Android-based device, guaranteeing metadata protection. This device, designed with business efficiency in mind, has no street value and is managed over-the-air using a single platform that monitors payment services, security tools and business services. It also offers tailored services through business apps downloadable from a private store.

Want to know more about FAMOCO?
Discover their solutions, including the first standalone device in Europe to accept payments through AliPay, as well as the turnkey KYC solution that Orange has chosen to deploy across its network.

Take a look at FAMOCO’s website for more details.