A new generation of premium NFC accessories 21. June 2017
By Bernhard Maier

In a collaborative effort WRISTBANDITZ, LUX-IDent and NXP have developed a new generation of premium NFC accessories. The products incorporate new designs, materials and the latest state-of-the-art NFC technology.

WRISTBANDITZ combines NFC technology and fashionable wearables to create powerful brand experiences. Their Event Cloud software allows event organizers and service providers to organize, entertain and analyze their audience. The framework interacts and communicates with participants – it handles check-in situations, submits requested information, facilitates gamification activities such as treasure hunts or competitions and evaluates interest in products or overall participation.

With this concept, WRISTBANDITZ aspires to blaze new trails and provide a consumer-centric platform for efficient services in Smart Cities. The target audience is a technology-driven, mindful community whose members are aware of the power of emotional branding in the digital age.

LUX-IDent is a leading RFID inlay manufacturer based in Central Europe. The company provided specially designed NXP MIFARE inlays for the integration into the WRISTBANDITZ smart wearables. The smart inlays are ultra-thin and flexible and were designed to be combined with the accessories to attain the highest possible performance.

Featured NXP products:

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