MIFARE SDK – Your simple way to cool apps 25. November 2014

After the launch of the MIFARE SDK in June we have already registered over 1,800 downloads – imagine all those people already developing cool NFC enabled android applications! Android App developers can now have even more access to all MIFARE, NTAG and ICODE IC features on Java Level with the new MIFARE SDK Advanced version from NXP. This new version of the popular MIFARE SDK provides you with the possibility to switch from a mid-secure software keystore in Android to a high secure hardware keystore with a SAM AV2 inserted in an external Bluetooth or USB reader. In addition to all the features offered in the free version of the MIFARE SDK the advanced version provides:

  • Full support of MIFARE DESFire EV1 command set on Java Level
  • Full support of MIFARE Plus on Java Level
  • Additional ICODE commands (SLI-L, SLI-S, SLIX, SLIX-S, SLIX-L, SLIX2)
  • SAM AV2 support with USB or Bluetooth reader
  • Source code and sample applications
  • Java documentation

The Benefits for App Developers

  • Development time reduction
  • Use your time for creativity
  • No detailed IC knowledge needed
  • Fast idea to market

Enter a new world of creativity

If you are interested in developing an app that uses the full capabilities of our hardware solutions or you want to increase security with an external key store, then the advanced version of the MIFARE SDK is a good choice.  It enables you to become creative in a number of different applications such as those listed below:

  • Smart mobility (transport ticketing)
  • Loyalty programs (coupons)
  • Smart homes (access solutions)
  • Gaming (mobile games)

The Advanced MIFARE SDK Version is available with a per issued Android APP based licensing model. You can Top-up your developer account on MIFARE.net online via our AdvanIDe Premium Partner web shop.