MIFARE-based card system for Worcester transit system 26. April 2012

Worcester Regional Transit Authority (WRTA)introduce the MIFARE-based

Charlie Card system 

 “This is really an exciting time for public transit in our region,” said WRTA Administrator Stephen O’Neil. “By tying our fareboxes to the Charlie Card System, WRTA riders are able to seamlessly use any transit system in the state that uses the same farebox system.”

Charlie Card is the stored value smart card used for electronic ticketing as part of the automated fare collection system originally installed by the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA). With it, Worcester passengers can use Charlie Card to “tap” and ride on a number of MBTA and other public transit systems throughout state that have already adopted use of the pass.

During April 28-29, 2012, Worcester Regional Transit Authority will offer free rides on all of its fixed bus routes. This offer is based on the new installation of the bus pass and farebox system. WRTA members will explain changes in the passes and to help riders with ticket exchanges at 

WRTA Customer Service Center

for the entire weekend.

The new system will offer riders a variety of WRTA passes such as the 31-day WRTA pass, a one-day pass, or the Charlie Card, which offers riders the option of having stored value placed on the card. The same Charlie Card can also be used on the MBTA (fixed route and subway), and any mass transit system that uses the Charlie Card. Additionally, when riders use the Charlie Card, they will automatically receive a discounted fare of an introductory 20 cents discount on a single ride.

The WRTA is the latest transit system in the Bay State to adopt the pass. The Montachusett Regional Transit Authority (


) in the Fitchburg and Leominster area has also introduced Charlie Cards.

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