MEXIBUS selects MIFARE DESFire EV1 7. May 2013

MEXIBUS selects MIFARE DESFire for new ticketing system


MEXIBUS -the public transport operator in the federal state of Mexico- has selected MIFARE DESFire EV1 for their new contactless smart card solution. The new smart cards will ensure reliable and secure fare payment across the growing


network. In addition to secure smart card ICs, NXP is also providing the ICs in the new MEXIBUS readers. The ticketing system was integrated by Grupo Indi using cards manufactured by ASK and Inteligensa.

Covering the area around the federal district of Mexico City, which itself has over 21 million residents, the federal state of Mexico (Edomex) has experienced rapid growth over the past few years, and now comprises over 15 million people. As the most densely populated region in Mexico, a more efficient and cost-effective urban transportation system is needed that limits the amount of cars on the roads while ensuring mobility in and around Mexico City. Convenient and efficient boarding, as enabled by the NXP solution, encourages the increased use of public transportation for a more sustainable urban life.

Seventeen contactless transport ticketing projects in Mexico are already based on NXP’s MIFARE technology platform. The interoperability of these MIFARE-based urban transport systems with the new MEXIBUS system means that Public Transport Operators can offer a cost-efficient ticketing solution allowing passengers to use a single card for all journeys across the city and the federal state of Mexico. The MIFARE DESFire technology platform is also extendable beyond smart cards to other form factors such as NFC-enabled smart phones and banking cards.

“The MEXIBUS network will be extended with Lines 2 and 3 this year, creating the need for a reliable and interoperable ticketing solution that’s ready to grow as we develop our mobility services,” said Héctor Ilizaliturri, general manager of MEXIBUS at Grupo Indi.

“Electronic ticketing schemes must be convenient, reliable, affordable, secure and expandable to address the transportation challenges of rapidly growing urban areas,” said Jorge Leal, general director at ASK Mexico. “This is why we have selected NXP’s MIFARE technology for MEXIBUS’s new contactless ticketing system.” 

“The world’s most populated urban conglomerations such as Bangkok, London, Istanbul, New Delhi and the metropolitan area of Mexico City have all chosen secure, reliable and future-proof MIFARE public transport solutions from NXP to help create smarter and greener cities,” said Ulrich Huewels, vice president and general manager, card security business line, NXP Semiconductors. “Using the MIFARE platform, public transport operators can expand into multi-modal ticketing solutions and offer their customers additional services such as NFC mobile ticketing, micro payment, parking or pre-paid metering.”