Kentkart uses MIFARE® IC based smartcards for new public transport system in Baku 23. June 2015

As an Intelligent Transportation Systems provider Kentkart developed an application that can process the purchase of tickets for public transport and successfully launched Turkey’s first NFC operated public transport payment scheme at the end of January 2015 in the city of Manisa. Further projects followed, like in Baku, where an Automated Fare Collection system with MIFARE IC based smartcards, Vehicle and Fleet Management and a Real-Time Passenger Information System for the Baku Public Transportation Network is installed. Currently 300 out of 2,800 buses of the Baku Bus Co. work with these systems and more will follow. Initially, the public will be using two million MIFARE Plus® cards and five million MIFARE Ultralight® tickets for the new Baku Public Transport System. Continue here.

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