iOS 13 and MIFARE power innovative Smart City use cases 4. December 2019

Enjoying the benefits of NFC has never been easier for iPhone users. With the recent upgrade of Apple’s Core NFC framework and the release of iOS 13, it is not only possible for iPhones (models 7 and up) to interact with NFC tags but also for users to take advantage of everything MIFARE has to offer.

Since MIFARE ICs are fully NFC-compliant, it’s now possible to develop apps for iOS 13 that use the full feature set of MIFARE DESFire, MIFARE Plus, and MIFARE Ultralight products. As a result, service providers can introduce a wide range of new features and developers can deliver additional capabilities such as enabling automatic mobile interactions without having to launch an app.

Furthermore, with MIFARE and iOS 13, smart cards can connect to a service provider’s online portal, providing a secure and dynamic user experience. In transport, for example, iPhone users have the ability to interact with the in-place infrastructure, so travelers can display content, store value, or even top up their fare amount – without having to wait for infrastructure upgrades.

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