icash 2.0 now running on NXP´s MIFARE DESFire 29. October 2014

MIFARE DESFire based micropayment and smart loyalty scheme is being rolled out by icash Corporation in Taiwan. The new icash 2.0 card allows a fast, easy and secure shopping experience for customers, a micropayment and a smart loyalty scheme running on NXP’s MIFARE DESFire technology.

Consumers expect quick service and retailers’ acceptance of contactless payments will make transactions fast and convenient. By simply holding their contactless smart card next to the reader a transaction will automatically be completed. In addition to improving the shopping experience for its customers.

To provide a secure infrastructure service, the retailers are also suggested to implement NXP´s reader ICs and MIFARE SAM AV2 for secure key storage and back-end connection to the central server.

Martin Gruber, general manager business sector smart mobility & retail, NXP Semiconductors said, “NXP is very excited about its partnership with icash Corporation in offering our contactless technology, making check-out fast and convenient for consumers. Now, customers want to spend less time making everyday purchases, however, they also want it to be as secure as possible. NXP and icash Corporation are addressing these demands with the rollout of the new icash 2.0.”  He adds, “MIFARE DESFire meets the requirements of the Taiwan e-purse issuing regulation, proving to be a good and efficient way to roll out the icash 2.0 to market.”