MIFARE Hospitality

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NXP’s MIFARE® Hospitality IC is tailored for the hospitality industry. Designed for quick integration into Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) key cards, MIFARE Hospitality offers enhanced security with seamless guest interactions, so hotel owners and hotel brands can issue basic guest cards that support secure hotel room access while enabling high-demanded mobile features.

The MIFARE Hospitality chip gives guests secure access to hotel rooms and other hotel facilities, including parking garages, spas, gyms, while also letting them take advantage of mobile interactions, such as Wi-Fi pairing, adding customized guest information, and easy sign-ups to the hotel’s brand loyalty program for discounts and additional offers.

Through the pre-configured NFC function (NFC Forum Type 2 Tag), the MIFARE Hospitality IC lets operators put a brand activation channel in the hands of each guest, by creating customized and meaningful guest experiences using RFID key cards in combination with mobile devices. The enhanced security features of MIFARE Hospitality can contribute to a secure RFID lock system, for increased privacy and safety during each guest’s stay.

The IC supports limited use cases and comes with secure authentication features (3DES). It offers up to 96-byte of protected memory for secure room access and up to 96-byte plain user memory for guest interactions. MIFARE Hospitality is available in MOA8 module and wafer delivery forms.

Key features

  • Fully ISO/IEC 14443 A 3 compliant
  • NFC Forum Type 2 Tag compliant
  • Protected data access via 3DES authentication
  • EEPROM user memory:
    • Up to 96-byte plain user memory for guest interaction
    • Up to 96-byte protected user memory for secure room access
  • Unique 7-byte serial number
  • 16-bit counter
  • Anti-collision support
  • Command and memory compatibility through reuse of MIFARE Ultralight C components
  • Number of single write operations: 10,000

Key applications

  • Hospitality: Secure room access and guest interactions

Download the MIFARE Hospitality leaflet

MIFARE Hospitality leaflet