25 Years of MIFARE

MIFARE. Celebrating 25 years of inventing THE NEW NORMAL.

At NXP, our development teams spend a lot of time thinking about what we, as human beings, do in a day – and why. We look at what it takes to get through an average 24 hours and consider how we might do those things better.

It’s a way of seeing the world, asking questions, and thinking about the unexpected. It challenges us to re-examine what’s familiar, develop new approaches, and deliver innovation.

At the same time, though, we keep in mind just how difficult it can be to modify what’s familiar. Changing the way we do everyday things can be hard. It can be uncomfortable and unsettling and can require an unwelcome adjustment. The best changes, we think, are easy to adopt. Well-designed changes bring convenience and simplicity while improving how we move through the world. Before we know it, these new ways of doing things are indispensable.

They’ve become, as we call it, “THE NEW NORMAL”.


25 Years of MIFARE

Since 25 years we are striving to foresee the next trends that will help to make our lives easier, safer, and more convenient. Here you will find the latest additions to the MIFARE family.

MIFARE Hospitality

NXP has created a new IC type, specifically tailored to the hospitality industry. Designed for quick integration into Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) key cards, MIFARE Hospitality offers enhanced security with seamless guest interactions, so hotel owners and hotel brands can issue basic guest cards that support secure hotel room access while enabling high-demanded mobile features.


The contactless revolution has started with the legacy MIFARE Classic IC, paving the way for numerous applications in public transport, access management, employee cards and on campuses. Now, with MIFARE DESFire Light, we can offeer a secure solution designed for single-application use cases with an easy up-scalability to MIFARE DESFire EV2 and availability on mobile devices, to create true Smart City experiences.


Leveraging already popular MIFARE ICs, the MIFARE 2GO cloud service digitizes traditional transit passes so they can be seamlessly managed and used on NFC-enabled devices. MIFARE 2GO delivers a world of richer user experiences beyond what traditional fare payment systems have provided until today. Prepare for a new era in Smart City services.


What makes MIFARE products stand out from the crowd? It is their combination of security, scalability, and flexibility. Our MIFARE products are independent of form factors. Whether you prefer contactless smart cards, smartphones or wearables, you can even have MIFARE ICs implemented in your fingernails, it does not matter – MIFARE can be housed just about anywhere.

MIFARE products support Smart City ecosystems – from transportation, hotel or home access, enterprise applications, student campus credentials, loyalty programs, smart stadium experiences, micropayments, and more – starting with one application use case and scaling up to cover the complete range of services in Smart Cities.

Intrigued? Take a look at our videos below and here.

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