Modul 4 MIFARE4Mobile

This one day training presents different aspects and scenarios of MIFARE in Mobile.

It gives a clear picture on full eco system and basic technologies. It includes practical application workshops.



MIFARE System designer
Technical managers and engineers
Application developers



Participation of M1.1 and M1.2 training
Basic knowledge on GLOBALPLATFORM
Basic knowledge on NFC
Knowledge of basic cryptography e.g. TDES, AES, CMAC, CRC
Participants should bring his own android device (android version 4.1 or higher) for M-5.3 module



At least a ‘quick going through’ the documents provided on www.mifare4mobile.org


Course Contents

  • M-5.1 Introduction and Standards walk through (MIFAREinMobile NFC and MIFARE different modes of NFC, card emulation options, MIFARE4Mobile evolution and eco system, phone architecture, GLOBALPLATFORM for MIFARE4Mobile)
  • M-5.2 MIFARE4Mobile system architecture and components incl. Workshop: MIFARE4Mobile remote provisioning and demo application
  • M-5.3 MIFARE SDK basic android programming incl. Workshop: Apps development using MIFARE SDK