MIexpert Program

The MIexpert program is honoring independent experts and companies for their community contributions in sharing MIFARE stories, solving technical issues, helping customers learn about and get the most from MIFARE products and services.

What are the MIexpert benefits?

Recognized community experts will receive exclusive benefits. For companies the following benefits during the programm year are included:

  • Voice of customer through MIFARE Newsletter
  • Listing of the MIexpert page on MIcommunity
  • Possibility of moderation capabilities
  • Receive early messaging and information under Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
  • Annual program award

For individuals the following benefits during the program year are included:

  • Listing on the MIexpert ranking on MIcommunity
  • Possibility of moderation capabilities
  • Annual program award

How do I become a MIexpert?

MIexperts gets nominated by community members through a voting system on posts. The nominations will be reviewed by the MIFARE employees and awarded based on criteria including: Participation, expertise and quality of content.

Voting System

Give community members stars for posts you find interesting. This helps draw attention to them by featuring them on the right side of the MIcommunity page. Just vote by selection number of blue stars to evaluate posts. 1 star (worst) – 5 stars (best). For each post only one vote per voter is possible. Stars to yourself will not work. 30 stars need to build up out of 3-, 4-, 5-star votes to be nominated as MIexpert and will be reviewed by the MIFARE employees based on the criteria mentioned above.

Main elements for the program

The MIexpert term will run for one year starting with January and ending with December.

  • MIcommunity members which are potentially candidates, based on the necessary criteria, to become a MIexpert will be invited to join the program throughout the year at times to be determined by MIFARE employees
  • MIexperts will be expected to maintain professional conduct and meet certain responsibilities and expectations, as summarized below
  • MIexperts may be re-inducted  annually  based on their community contributions during the prior year. MIexpert status is granted at the sole discretion of NXP
  • MIexpert are expected to adhere to the MIFARE Website Terms of Use at all times

Responsibilities and expectations

These are the key characteristics of an outstanding MIexpert:

  • Expertise – Have a strong understanding of MIFARE related products and applications
  • Pro-active – Respond regularly to questions or answers and contribute to the knowledge of the community
  • Representative – spread out the spirit of the community and bring the voice of the customer back to MIFARE
  • Loyalty – Be a loyal to the MIFARE brand, and act as loyal representative of MIFARE  products and services. MIexperts with issues or disputes regarding MIFARE  products and services agree to try and resolve the disputes with the respective MIFARE managers befor airing any issue publicly

NXP reserves the right to make MIexpert selection decisions and to revoke MIexpert status at any time and at its sole discretion and without any explanation or justification. Acceptance of the MIexpert program designation constitutes permission for NXP to use the names and/or likenesses of MIexpert for advertising and promotional purposes without additional compensation.