MIFARE DESFire EV2 based CES 2017 badges – beyond Event Access

With NXP’s all-in-one badge, CES participants had the opportunity to pre-purchase the Las Vegas Monorail tickets having them directly installed on their CES badges. Alternatively, attendees could use NXP AppXplorer to purchase Las Vegas Monorail tickets during the event or download a Nextbike ride. For those who did not have an Android-based NFC-enabled smartphone we had phones available at our booth CP25 in the LVCC – so everyone could experience the all-in-one badge.

The integration is enabled by MIFARE DESFire EV2 – NXP’s latest smart card solution and complemented by NXP AppXplorer, an online service in a special CES setup showcasing the possibility to connecting services with available credentials, which reduces the effort for the secure and dynamic management of services on a card. The badges were provided by one of our MIFARE Premium Partners Identiv.


NXP AppXplorer-CES badge-MIFARE

Discover the MIFARE powered CES badge experience in our video

NXP Technologies in Action at CES 2017

CES attendees could use the NXP AppXplorer Android app to purchase and load Monorail tickets to their own badge and explore further capabilities of their badge.

During a visit at the NXP booth CP25 from January 5-8, 2017 in Las Vegas, CES attendees could experience the NXP AppXplorer in action – e.g. for downloading the Nextbike application to your badge and unlock one of the bikes. Visitors at our booth could interact with other innovative demonstrations and experience how NXP truly enables secure connections for a smarter world in the Las Vegas Convention Center and the NXP Smarter World Tour Truck. Discover NXP AppXplorer in our video.