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TATWAH SMARTECH CO.,LTD. is one of the largest producers of RFID Hardware. It is a listed Company (SHE: 002512) with over 20 years of mass production experience. TATWAH is a high tech company, serving worldwide markets on all continents and through a large network of resellers, partners, distributors and system providers. Products, made by TATWAH can be found in a huge number of applications and are  finely dispersed all over the world; either as MANGO branded data carriers or else as OEM / ODM products, sold under famous other brands names. Such products embrace but are not limited to Smart cards, RFID Tags and Labels, Readers and Application system solutions.Located in Guangdong Province, Zhongshan City, Xiaolan Town, TATWAH is a major employer. With its long standing, experienced key staff, it has -since 1987- accumulated substantial know-how in technology, materials, processes and of course RFID application specific knowledge. TATWAH stands for competent advice in product selection, fast turnaround times, flexibility and customer service during all stages of contract fulfillment. Well trained and qualified people are the major trump of TATWAH and the logical reason for an equally long-standing, loyal domestic and international customer base.TATWAHs concern for the environment is another priority, where the company has actively worked to reduce emissions and waste. Careful substitution of polluting materials and innovative design of processes remain an area of constant attention. Investment in health and safety equipment for the personnel and the creation of environmental awareness complement the company’s drive for a cleaner, safer and better world.The Factory, with a production surface of 40'000 square meters has produced and delivered hundreds of millions of cards and tags and it is hence evident to classify TATWAH as a key actor within the RFID industry. Production capacity for data carriers has been demonstrated as being in excess of 1 million cards and tags per day. Facilities are recent, of excellent design and purpose built for true mass production.Investment in automated processes for components like modules, large scale lamination plant, flip chip line and advanced personalization equipment warrant constant quality levels. With virtually all processes under one roof, TATWAH controls all steps in the making of high quality, state-of-the-art products. TATWAHs large independence from subcontractors and suppliers is fairly unique in the RFID industry. It also is one of the reasons for TATWAHs moderate pricings.R&D activities are another strategic priority of TATWAH: The company holds 1 invention patent, 28 utility models rights, 43 design patents and has published more than 200 articles in relevant national and international trade magazines.TATWAH host the Transport Smart Labels Application Research Centre of NDRC and the Guangdong RFID (tag and smart card package) Engineering and Technical Research and Development Center which work on applications like public transport, asset Management and other application related aspects.Research work is also progressing on purely technological subjects: Whilst entertaining close relations with most all major semiconductor suppliers, TATWAH R&D have co-developed supplemental chips, known under the designation TK and hence, the Company offers a large range of data carrier functionalities.Yet other R&D activities include process related innovation and work was crowned when commissions of 4 state ministries declared the results to be National New Key Product in 2007 already.Moreover, research also extends to new materials with ever increasing performances, more stringent application requirements but of course also with a focus on cost. The observed gap between affordable pricing market demands coupled with the request for perfection is widening and construes a true challenge as data carriers are on the verge of becoming commodity.
Therefore, Tatwah Smartech has invested heavily in both, Quality assurance know-how and laboratory equipment. Export products are both, RoHS and REACH compliant as certified by internationally recognized Test Labs.


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