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Speech Code is an innovative information technology that supports product safety, social inclusion and linguistic internationalisation.

The Speech Code Generator software transforms any information into a coloured, printable data code or NFC tag, which holds the entire content in a very small space. The code/tag is scanned with the free Speech Code App, decoded and immediately presented in 100% accuracy - without Internet access or download - as text on the smartphone display and/or in audible format via text-to-speech technology.

No internet access or download required!
While the commonly used QR-codes require internet access to link to a website, Speech Codes and Tags contain the entire data already in the code/tag itself. Therefore the information access is possible always and everywhere, independent of available internet connectivity. A big advantage for consumers, who must not worry anymore about high communication or roaming fees, not even when using Speech Code abroad.

No data privacy issues!
Tracking and analysing people and their behaviour whenever they are online has not just become widely used, but also frighteningly sophisticated. Speech Code avoids such electronic traces and therefore can guarantee full privacy of information access, especially important with sensitive health or social issues.

Effective & robust!
The capability to present 2 full pages of information in a 5x5cm square makes Speech Code a very cost effective method of producing any - especially multilingual - information. Less space means saving paper too - with neither communication nor energy needs, Speech Code is an innovative, yet ecological technology.

The text-to-speech technology of highest fidelity by Nuance™ supports over 40 languages. The use of phonemes allows the correct pronunciation of loanwords. Translations in multiple languages can be accommodated on one and the same page, poster or sign - assisting tourists, immigrants and visually impaired people alike.

100% data accuracy guaranteed!
As the Speech Code contains the very same text as printed, no mismatch with independently updated websites can occur. The app decodes only full codes to avoid the presentation of incomplete data due to manipulation or destruction of the printed code. These features are particularly important for information on pharmaceutical and food products. With the optional PIN protection information access can be limited to a defined user group.

Barrier-free accessibility!
Getting printed information in an audible format might just be a convenience for most people, for many others it is the only way to access information at all: People with reading problems and those being visually impaired. Speech Codes verbal and tonal guidance instructions enable blind people to autonomously scan the code, navigate within the text and establish a connection to a read telephone number or website. The app is available free of charge for Apple and Android smartphones.


Richard G. Hopf, CTO
Email: richard.hopf@speechcode.eu
Skype: richard.hopf
Phone: +43 664 3846418


Frankenberggasse 13/13
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  • MIFARE components distribution and pre-products
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