Shenzhen DAS Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen DAS Information Technology Co. LTD. ,as a  subsidiary of Shenzhen DAS Intellitech Co., LTD., focus on providing the smartcard-based totoal suloution.
Shenzhen DAS Intellitech Co., LTD.  (Stock code: 002421), built in Shenzhen Hi-tech Industrial Park in 1995, is a certified-by-state hi-tech company with the executive member of Chinese Automation Association, Vice-director of Intelligent Automation Committee of Chinese Automation Association and the owner of Shenzhen Automatic Engineering Technology R & D Center.
The company has being focused on developing and providing the Building Intelligence Total Solutions, including consulting, design, construction and product manufacture, with 27 patents, 21 registered research results, 4 registered new products, 18 copyrights, especially, the invention patent “One-Card-One-Password” of Cryptic Methodology of Contactless IC Cards and the Indas series products “C3 Total Solution of based on Contactless IC Cards”.
The company has been certified by ISO9001 and ISO14001 and provides the total solution based contactless IC cards, including
(1)  Access Control System
(2)  Punch Clock System/Time Clock System
(3)  Point of Sales System
Since 2009, the followings were awarded that
(1)   Top 100 of Public Security Service Company of China
(2)    Top 10 of Access control System of China by Automation & Sercurity
(3)   Top 10 of Access Control System of China by Qianjia
The applications are spread over the government and public buildings, industrial park, universities, e.g., Shenzhen Conference and Exhibition Center, Hainan Airlines; Wal-Mart; Haier; BaoSteel; DCEC; Tiens; Foryou; etc.


Zhang Shaohua

E-Mail zhangsh@csdas.cn
Phone: +86 755 86368199
Fax: +86 755 86368155


W1A Building, Shenzhen Hitech Industrial Park,


Products & Services

  • Infrastructure components
  • MIFARE components distribution and pre-products
  • MIFARE IC related services and/or consultancy
  • MIFARE IC-based end-user products
  • MIFARE product-based end-software solutions


  • Access control
  • Micropayment
  • Transportation