ROGER sp.j.

ROGER sp.j. established in 1991 designs and manufactures electronic devices. We offer modern systems, access control and alarm & security devices.Thanks to our many years’ expertise in the field of designs and thanks to applying modern technologies in the production process, devices offered by us are functional and reliable.PRT-MF Series ReadersThe PRT-MF series readers is a group of access terminals which are designed for ISO/IEC 14443A and Mifare® cards. Each PRT-MF reader can be used as standalone access control device or as a slave unit connected to the external controller. Each PRT-MF reader can operate in pair with second PRT series unit, this allows to control door on both sides (entry/exit). When required, second reader can be used to program main reader, this option is especially useful when main reader is not equipped with keypad or can not be configured from PC. The PRT-MF reader can be used as card programmer, however for this purpose the licensed version of RARC program is required.RARC-Card WriterThe RARC program is dedicated to manage all PRT-MF readers. The standard version of this program is free of charge but can not be used for card programming. In order to use RARC program as a card writer an individual license is required. License can be ordered by telephone or Internet.Mifare® CardsWe offer 13.56MHz Mifare ISO size PVC cards with printed number. Video photo ID can be printed directly on the card surface. Depending on particular card model there is 64 bytes, 1k or 4k memory available.


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