POPWings was born in Gemalto’s corporate incubator BIG, Business Innovation Garage. But it all really started after LeWeb09 where Marc Gemeto, BIG Director, envisioned the potential of a contactless card as an easy way to interface with the Internet. In the early 2010’s, a team eventually started experimenting the first concepts of securely sharing content with a card. The idea was pitched to Silicon Valley key people who immediately saluted it. They loved how the phone/card interaction was enlivened but felt the “pain we were trying to solve” lacked consistency. That’s how we came to realizing what people really were looking for: improving their real life experience when coming down to connect with one another. That’s what POPWings is all about. One POP to stay in touch, a first step toward a broader vision. One POP to share your digital world! POPWings is bound for humanizing the digital world and enabling anybody to seamlessly interface with this connected universe – all in one single POP!


Laurence Cohen

E-Mail laurence@popwings.me
Fax: Director


Gemalto BIG
ZI Athélia IV
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