phg Peter Hengstler GmbH + Co KG

Contactless OEM read/write components from phg are utilized by numerous wellknown system integrators from sectors such as identifacation technology, acess control, time and attendace and data collection.Founded in 1974, our company established itself years ago as a qualified OEM partner for RFID technology in the security and identification sectors, with a comprehensive standard range of system components. Our development and production know-how, in combination with pur high level of vertical integration, ensure that all customers of phg receiveversatility from a single source.


Juergen Haller
Technical Sales
E-Mail Datentechnik@phg.de
Phone: +49 7420 89 0
Fax: +49 7420 89 59


Dauchinger Strasse 12
78652 Deisslingen


Products & Services

  • Infrastructure components
  • MIFARE IC-based end-user products


  • Access control
  • Leisure & Entertainment
  • Micropayment
  • Transportation