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The revolution in payment methods. Live a Pango experience and enjoy the most innovative ecosystem of mobile solutions.

The main benefits of our technology are associated with financial transactions but Pango Africa is implementing multiple applications oriented to the local market that cover multiple areas:

Transportation services
The standardization of the mechanisms of access to public transport systems already implemented in European countries, through the use of smart cards that can be recharged automatically by different systems will be implemented in Africa to pay custom transport services such as taxis and buses. Pango Africa is ready to start services for your transport units and commuters with a full administrative interface that will give you a total control of your operations.

Commerce services
The commerce sector requires multiple applications together with the payment system. Pango Africa implemented a complete system that can manage all your sales and gives to your business digital presence and a virtual store. We implemented also a loyalty system to improve your marketing policies.

Parking services
The cashless payment services for payment of public and private parking have already been launched in Kenya using NFC that can automatically be recharged by different systems. Pango Africa is offering systems that can be implemented quickly and that allow integration with other payment systems already on the market.

Uniting mobile payments, credit cards and even your bank account online with your NFC card gives you access to sporting and cultural events. The technology that Pango Africa is implementing enhances your experiences, taking away the headache of long lines to buy a ticket or enter an event.

Health Services
The control of medical records, health care visits, hospital managements systems, emergency services, delivery of medicine and others are areas where NFC technology together with biometric systems and Cloud servers, is being implemented by Pango Africa.

Travel Services
The NFC technology built into mobile phones can be associated with multiple documents as a flight ticket, passport and even a visa. In some countries in Asia, Africa as well as the United States projects are already in place to develop such solutions to improve the travel processes.

Tour guide
A mobile phone with NFC technology allows any traveler to download in seconds and in their language, tourist information, as well as discount coupons for shopping or dining tailored recommendations. Installed by Pango Africa in Nairobi, the system is ready to provide the services.

Access control, a master key
An NFC device can be configured with multiple electronic keys that can be used to start a vehicle, open the door of a hotel room or authenticate the identity of a person before entering facilities where authorization is required. Pango Africa is already working on NFC systems associated with security cameras (CCTV) and bio-metric systems to implement this technology in East Africa.


Alvaro Gutierrez
Director of Operations
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