MICROTRONIC is a privately owned, independent company and belongs to one of the world's leading development companies as a solution provider for cashless payment systems in the vending industry. The company’s strategy is built on Product Leadership powered by continuous product innovation focused on creating added value for vending operators.

With the birth of MICROTRONIC in 1986 the first « U-KEY » cashless payment system was introduced to the European vending industry. Already the first patented « U-KEY » (Universal Key) generation provided a universal solution including cashless payment, revaluation, access control, time attendance for any kind of vending operation.

MICROTRONIC has continuously integrated a variety of new features for inhouse vending as well as for public vending. The cashless payment system evolved into a universal vending management system with imbedded telemetry.


Hans-Rudolf Gautschi
+41 62 388 45 45


Dünnernstrasse 32
CH-4702 Oensingen


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Company Application Fields

  • Access control
  • Identity
  • Vending