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Identity Centre Ltd is a UK based company which specialises in the design and supply of a wide range of identity and access management products, including the Semieta Access control system widely used in Government bodies.

We supply a wide range of cards, bracelets, key fobs Lanyards and card holders either plain of fully personalised.
We can meet your access management needs whether they are low volume of high capacity. We cover the full range of smart card technologies from Photographic ID cards, magnetic stripe, Mifare, Paxton and other smartcards through to silicone contactless bracelets.

We also supply a variety of simple all in one card production systems that enable you to print your own identity cards in-house. These are low cost, plug and play desktop systems that any member of staff can be taught to use. These systems are very good value and an excellent way of improving visitor security.

We are a small company but we have a wealth of experience and expertise. We can customise your cards to your exact requirements, at very competitive rates and usually within short time scales, from initial design through to print, finishing and mailing.
Value for money, quality and customer care are our guiding principles. We are customer focused and will work with you to develop the best solutions for your business.
We believe that we can help you make substantial savings on your student ID cards, lanyards and card holders. We can usually provide written quotations within 24 hours of receiving your details specification.

For additional information on outsourcing the production of your access cards, staff or visitor identity cards, membership or loyalty cards contact Speak to one of our sales managers on 0800 0016 184 and they will who will be able to give you the best advice on artworks, sizes, and other data required.


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