Camelsolution Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Camel Solution Co.,Ltd. is a supplier of door access control systems and components in China. At present, we have over 200 species of door access control products and more than 500,000 pieces of them are widely used all over the world, we cooperate with over 500 companies from domestic and overseas.
We are engaged in providing excellent products and quality, we always dedicate ourselves to how to make our items more steady and practical. We pursue advanced technology and do trans-industrial business, we spend a lot of time in how to make products suit for clients and we have many OEM and ODM customers.
We notice Price is the most one of aspect that client concern , therefore we offer excellent products at low price because we make mature and steady entrance guard products only. we have gained recognition and long-term cooperation from more and more clients.
We have a complete industrial chain in Shenzhen and are capable of offering products to meet your requests.  From after-sale service, technical support to maintenance service, we are doing everything possible to solve what our customer have concerned, All of our products have passed strict testing and can work under kinds of terrible environment.



Kathy Li
Sales Department
E-Mail Kathy@camelsolution.com
Phone: 13724340545


Building 5 of ZhongNan
BaoAn District 38
518108 ShenZhen


Products & Services

  • Infrastructure components
  • MIFARE components distribution and pre-products
  • MIFARE IC-based end-user products


  • Access control
  • Leisure & Entertainment