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Amazing Electronic (HK) Limited is a leading manufacturer and supplier of signal transmitters, DC DC converters, and data acquisition modules in China, specializing in the high-tech application research. The products widely used in new developing high-tech industry as rail transit, military equipments, national power grid, wind energy, solar power, electric vehicles in China and have high performance in the special operating conditions including industrial grade high/low temperature, shock, humidity and EMC interference, etc. The products are also applied to electric power system, telecom, instrumentations & measurements, medical equipments, industrial intelligent control, automotive electronics, security-monitoring system, military industry, etc.
We provide products as follows:
1) 4-20ma/0-10V to RS485/232 converter 2) 4-20mA Differential Signal Data Acquisition Converter 3) Speed Pulse Signal Isolated Transmitter 4) DC Voltage/current signal converter/conditioners 5) RS485/232 to 4-20ma converter 6) Analogue to frequency converter 7) Frequency to analogue converter 8) 4-20mA Passive isolated converter 9) High Current Output Isolated Amplifier(0~500mA) 10) PT100 Temperature signal to V/I transmitter 11) Loop powered voltage/current isolator
12) strain gage signal conditioner

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