Best Mobile Ticketing Award Win 12. February 2013

NXP wins a prestigious Award for MIFARE DESFire based Mobile Ticketing Project in Dubai


Recognition received at recent Transport Ticketing conference in London

Transport Ticketing, Europe’s largest and fastest growing conference for transport ticketing and fare collection professionals. It is a fantastic opportunity to meet over 400 attendees from over 30 nations, including our key partners and customers at a single venue.

Rainer Lutz gave a


outlining the scope of the

RTA Dubai project

. NXP won the prestigious award for this important program in the category of ‘Most successful mobile ticketing program’, thus continuing to demonstrate our thought leadership in the ticketing market.

The project is a great example of what can be accomplished with strong teamwork, and how NXP´s products come together to offer complete solutions. In this case, contributing teams included AFC (MIFARE DESFire and MIFARE Ultralight), Infrastructure (Reader ICs), Banking (MIFARE DESFire implementation on SmartMX), Mobile (NFC transceivers) and Licensing (MIFARE DESFire on Gemalto and Oberthur SIMs).

More information on

Transport Ticketing Website