Berlin´s libraries implement RFID modernization 12. April 2012

Automatic media management with MIFARE DESFire

based library membership cards

With the introduction of a new return and sorting system in the Berlin Dietrich-Bonhoeffer library, visitors can borrow and return media more flexible and comfortable than before. The media management system is complemented by library membership smart cards to securely identify patrons at the self-checks kiosks. These membership cards are based on NXP’s MIFARE DESFire EV1 ICs, providing state of the art the security and privacy features, as well as the flexibility to add additional functionality as the system is evolving. The entire project including about 75 library sites and mobile libraries was realized by the system integrator Bibliotheca, and will be completed in autumn 2013. By then a total of 6,3 million media management labels and half a million of membership cards are expected to be deployed. In addition Bibliotheca has piloted the first ever mobile self checkout using NFC enabled mobile phones at Humboldt University Berlin.

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MIFARE DESFire EV1 is ideal for service providers wanting to use multi-application smart cards in identity, access, loyalty applications and transport schemes.  The chip’s main characteristics are denoted by its name DESFire EV1 – DES indicates the high level of security MIFARE DESFire EV1 achieves using a 3DES hardware cryptographic engine for enciphering transmission data. Fire reflects its outstanding position as a Fast, Innovative, Reliable and sEcure IC in the contactless proximity transaction market. Get more product information