X-ident technology GmbH
Kreuzauer Strasse 33
52355 Dueren
Germany                                           Germany
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  • X-ident technology supplies highest quality standard; each product is submitted to a function test. The key to the success of our company is the basic idea „solutions for systems “. An experienced team of experts in radio frequency identification (RFID) and specialists within the range paper/film offer conceptional ideas for RFID ticket solutions. X-ident technology manufactures a wide range of RFID ticket products.

  • Beginning with high-quality ski ticket solutions based on up to 4C UV-flexo pre-printed thermal-rewritable films, over several kinds of other high-quality paper and film based ticket solutions, up to high volumes of simple mass transit tickets containing RFID.

  • X-ident technology´s ticket products already reached a broad acceptance in the market. In the year 2006 all high-quality RFID tickets for the FIFA World Cup 2006 have been produced by X-ident technology, furthermore X-ident technology is manufacturing a high volume of RFID tickets for the METRO subway in Moscow.

  • Currently X-ident technology has an annual production capacity of approx. 160 million electronic tickets.

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