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The company's range of smart card systems exploit another growing market. The company's technology improves the interface between the card and the outside world and also offers superior manufacturing processes. Already several million units of the basic product have been delivered to satisfied customers. The company has already several registered patents and lots of patents pending for smart card. Development of the product range continues and new application software is expanding the functionality of smart cards. New applications of the base technology, such as integrating smart cards with mobile phone technologies and RFID also offer opportunities for further growth. The company has system integration solutions for smart cards called M SYSTM. This has various application areas from affiliated shop to social infrastructure such as transportation. (from issuing to expiration, COS, H/W, S/W and Network). TENONTM is an innovative technology for the combi manufacturing process for card issuers and card holders with high reliability usage. M TAGTM is based on smart card technology from low cost model to high security model and is applicable on metal and mobile phone. Inlets are a core component for RF operations, consisting of an antenna with RF chip. The product varies from standard Inlets for card to special Inlets for mobile phone based on several patents. The company's Inlet production line is the world's first fully automated line with high precision productivity from normal type of inlet to customized inlet.

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Company Application Fields

  • Public Transport
  • Road Toll
  • City Cards
  • Banking
  • Loyalty
  • Health
  • Access Control
  • Identity
  • Government
  • Ski Ticketing
  • Vending

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