AceProx Identifikationssysteme GmbH
Bahnhofstr. 73
31691 Helpsen
Germany                                           Germany
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The AceProx Identifikationssysteme GmbH emerged in 1999 from formerly known industrial agency Dipl.-Ing. Bernd Brandorff (since 1992).Contact1ess identification using passive transponder technology was the centre of the business activities already in 1992. In the beginning it were mostly ready-to-install access control systems that applied RFID Technology and were distributed by us in the European market.
From its establishment in 1999 emphasis of the AceProx Identifikations GmbH shifted to the direction of production and distribution of hardware components for contactless identification (reading units and transponders in various designs) mainly for system integrators and to hardware manufacturers. Today a comprehensive product portfolio for both 125kHz as well as 13,56MHz technology, offering read ranges from a couple of cm to 100cm make the AceProx GmbH a well-known “One-Stop-Shop” for all kinds of RFID-related hardware.
Since its early days the AceProx GmbH is operating as a true international company servicing customers all over Europe and in South Africa. In order to cope with increasing business volume, the AceProx GmbH moved to larger premises in October 2003. Further expension took place in July 2004 by opening a subsidary in Johannesburg, South Africa. Further expansion is planned for the near future by striking strategic partnerships with local RFID-focussed companies around Europe.

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