MIFARE Security

Security is an important focus for MIFARE as secure products and technologies are receiving more interest and being viewed with more open minds.

MIFARE Ultralight

MIFARE Ultralight enables users to benefit from non-reloadable limited-use tickets through the appropriate usage of the One-Time-Programmable (OTP) memory area in combination with the ISO Unique IDentifier (UID) on a secure infrastructure. Additionally, MIFARE Ultralight offers maximum flexibility to realise time-based tickets (e.g. single-day tickets), zone-based tickets, multiple-ride tickets (e.g. 10-trip tickets) or even single-ride tickets.

MIFARE Classic 1K, MIFARE Classic 4K

The MIFARE Classic Crypto algorithm is a highly cost efficient authentication and data encryption method. Due to its wide distribution and history MIFARE Classic is also predestined for manipulation attempts. We therefore do not recommend to use MIFARE Classic in security relevant applications, but advise to migrate to our high security product lines MIFARE Plus and MIFARE DESFire.

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The MIFARE Plus features multiple levels of security, including Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption, and an easy migration path from existing MIFARE Classic implementations.

Security is at the heart of MIFARE Plus, which is the only smart card IC of its class to offer strong AES encryption for authentication, integrity and confidentiality, based on a 128-bit key length. MIFARE Plus chips comprise a number of additional security features which, when used optimally in the infrastructure, provide a system that prevents individuals from being identified and tracked by others.

These features are enabled through the support of secure Random Identifiers (RIDs) next to 7 Byte Unique Identifiers (UIDs). MIFARE Plus also offers an originality function, which improves verification of cards and enables active measures against emulators.

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Taking advantage of the extremely secure and standardised triple-DES crypto method, MIFARE DESFire is designated for growing and open intermodal transport schemes. In combination with the MIFARE DESFire SAM (Secure Application Module in the terminal / reader), MIFARE DESFire provides highest levels of performance and security in both cards as well as in the infrastructure along with simple key handling.

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As the first smart card controller platform of its kind, the SmartMX portfolio incorporates three interface options as an integral part of a highly secure smart card controller portfolio – ISO/IEC 7816 Contact Interface, ISO/IEC 14443A Contactless Interface and USB 2.0 LS Interface.

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