MIFARE products can be used in more than 40 different applications

Automatic Fare Collection AFC.jpg  

  • Increased convenience, speed and reliability 
  • Fast and secure access to public transportation
  • Seasonal cards, pre-paid cards and limited-use tickets


Access ManagementAccess.jpg

  • Security and convenience for physical and logical access
  • Access to buildings   
  • Time attendance logging
  • Logical access to PCs


Student cardsStudent.jpg

  • Physical access to university and student home buildings  
  • Access to services such as copy machines
  • Micro payment for student restaurants
  • Logical access to PCs and services


Loyalty cardsLoyalty.jpg

  • Card holders can earn points to get discounts and advantages  
  • Loyalty points can be securely stored on the card for offline earning and spending
  • Fast and convenient usage also at self service counters


Micro PaymentPayment.jpg

  • Speed and security for closed loop micro payments  
  • Fast cashless transactions
  • Suitable e.g. for shops near subway stations, canteen payments or loyalty cards


Road tollingRoad toll.jpg

  • Fast and reliable way to pay for the highway  
  • Cost efficient way to collect money for highway operators
  • Pre-paid and postpaid card solutions possible
  • Convenience for drivers


Event ticketingEvent.jpg

  • Contactless technology enhancing the experience  
  • Stadium access, micro payments, parking and membership services
  • Seasonal cards and single tickets
  • Anti counterfeiting and black listing


Citizen cardsCitizen.jpg

  • Allowing access to government and municipal services such as education, health, administration, public leisure and sports premises 
  • These cards grant advantages to specific groups such as students or retired people 



  • Gaming logon  
  • Gaming figures
  • Personalization of gaming characters
  • Pachinko cards



Membership cards

  • Member identification and access management  
  • Spread usage in sports and leisure clubs, country clubs




  • Possibility to combine with access management, AFC or loyalty applications
  • Fast and convenient paying for parking 
  • Reduced cash handling


Mobile ticketing

  • Using NFC phones in typical MIFARE applications such as public transportation, access management or micro payment
  • Interaction with smart posters

 Other applications

ID cards                 ID card.jpg           

Campus cards       UniverzitaZilina1.jpg

Tourist cards         Tourist.jpg    

Library cards       Library.jpg

Amusement park    Amuse.jpg

 Fuel cards           Fueling.jpg      

Hotel cards               Hotel.jpg              

  • Information services
  • NFC Tags   
  • Taxi cards
  • Smart metering                                    
  • Museum Access Cards                                                         
  • Product authentication                                                        
  • Production control                                                              
  • Health cards                                                                  
  • Ferry Cards
  • Car rentals
  • Fleet Management

Multi-application cards

  • Combining two or more of the above card types
  • Ideally supported by the MIFARE application directory (MAD)

Have we missed an application? If yes, please contact us on: MIFARE@nxp.com 

April 2014
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