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Electronic Service Zvonko consists of two business parts, electronic equipment service founded 46 years ago and the sector of innovative RFID system, which operates as D-Logic brand. Currently it employs over 40 people and many of its products and services are present in all global markets.


The largest percentage of our business focuses on the production and maintenance of bus-ticketing systems used by numerous bus companies in Serbia, identification systems – time attendance and access control, and development tool for RFID cards programming and further development of the system.




The list of D-Logic solutions is wide and some of the systems are Total Wireless Reader, uFR Reader/Writer, BusLogic Ticketing System, AIS Start System, Base System, Industrial Displays, Fleet Management, Industrial process control systems, Printing plastic cards and so on.


On the local market (Serbia), D-Logic achieved the great expansion in the field of implementation of Bus Ticketing Systems. The constant increasing and improvement of Ticketing Systems is based on the experience in its usage by many big Serbian Bus Carriers.


In the past two years D-Logic lunched its product for RFID System development – uFR RFID Programmer on the global market. This product is provided as Source Development Kit with high technical support for implementation. This comprehensive tool has achieved remarkable position and has become a recognizable brand in every continent. In collaboration with its customers, D-Logic improved this development tool to compliance with the development of RFID technology, and soon placed the new series uFR controller with support for a variety of tags Mifare series, various platforms and SDK examples in almost all programming languages. Innovation and quality of products is confirmed by reference including the world-famous companies, educational and other institutions.


In a mean time a new innovative product – Total Wireless reader (TWR) for Time Attendance was lunched. This system is unique for its Real Time event monitoring without any wires and it was rewarded in the field of modern technology with Special Recognition: "Step Into The Future" at the 56th International Fair of Technique and Technical Achievements in Belgrade.


The next step in the future D-Logic sees in the joining uFR and TWR project and providing a new solution for various RFID Real-Time Systems development – TWR SDK. This product will have all the best features of its predecessor – complete source development support as seen with uFR software and also the wireless hardware communication with long life time which was developed for TWR. TWR SDK is now ready to be lunched and provide great possibilities to many system developers and integrators. 


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  • Public Transport
  • Road Toll
  • City Cards
  • Loyalty
  • Health
  • Access Control
  • Identity
  • Government
  • Internet
  • POS
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